What I learned in a couple weeks Driving with Lyft

I have been a resident of Orange County for twenty-three years. I remember calling the old Yellow Cabs to get to LAX and on the return-trip. And I will always remember my first Rideshare experience. It was nearly one in the morning and my friends had all fallen asleep and I needed to leave. I was young, had no vehicle of my own, and was miles from my home. I installed a Rideshare application and within ten minutes I was picked-up and being brought home. Fastforward a few years, and I find myself reading a short blog post about a lack of drivers in the Rideshare industry. Although, there has been an upturn in drivers lately, I decided experimenting with Ridesharing would be beneficial to me and my community.

What have I learned about driving with Lyft these last two weeks?

Rider’s love water and snacks! I have always kept bottled water in my car. I like my waters warm, I’m simple like that, and my roommates can’t drink what is locked away. On one trip to resupply my water stockade, I grabbed ten dollars of small chip bags of all varieties. My Lyft Rider’s loved them! For a small cost of about sixty-three cents I am able to offer each of my Rider’s the comfort of hydration and a non-aching tummy.

Rider’s love water and snacks!

My Rider’s love access to charging ports, auxiliary cables, and my back seat pillows! I grabbed some throw pillows at five dollars each for when I take breaks watching Netflix in the back seat. And I get endless compliments and praise for the amenities. I have had multiple Rider’s say that it helps with lumbar support and comfort during the ride. Yes, the pillows get tossed around, but a simple weekly wash keeps them clean and smelling good.

Rider’s love charging ports, auxiliary cables, and throw pillows!

The money nights are the hard nights. Driving around on Friday nights, although well paying, is stressful. There have been multiple vomit incidents, many long-waits for rider’s, and lots of trying to fit more people than reasonable into my car – I’m not a clown car folks!

I’m not a clown car folks!

I have also found that a good portion of my earnings are bonuses. I tend to target Power Areas – highlighted sections on maps offering an addition to Ride pay. And just because an area is busier, does not mean it is valuable to enter. Before I head out for my evening, I take into account events occurring in busy sectors, and if there are major events I try to avoid the traffic keeping me from reaching bonuses.

Pay = Bonuses + Ride Rate (Miles, Minutes, & Tips) – Return Trips – Traffic

I have absolutely love my experiences so far driving with Lyft, and will be returning tonight to get a fifteen dollar for three rides streak bonus. After earning a one-hundred-fifteen dollar fifteen Ride bonus for the Fourth of July. I meet so many wonderful patrons and get to help keep our community safe all while visiting new locations.

event_note July 5, 2021

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