Lyft as a supplemental income.

With the cost of gas increasing – I started to question; am I really profiting driving with Lyft? The views are great! I have been given the opportunity to visit many new locations: Mission Viejo, Coto de Caza, Gardena, Palmdale, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel, Torrance, and so many more beautiful side streets and private communities that I simply can not imagine myself being welcomed without this all-access guest pass.

Lyft is like an all-access guest pass.

However; gas costs, mileage and vehicular wear are the determining factors in my view. Currently; as a part-time driver, I am adding an additional one-thousand miles weekly onto my vehicle, netting me roughly over six-hundred dollars a week, and costing me on average two-hundred dollars in gas. So – I have been investing my time in tracking all the data; income, expense, and milage. Along with investing in timing streaks and bonuses while cutting my costs where possible.

Invest in tracking income, expenses, cost saving strategies, bonuses, and streaks.

I use an application called Gas Buddy to locate the lowest cost gasoline near me. This application helps me save roughly fifty cents per gallon on gasoline and is purely user-driven – allowing the community to report on the best prices in an area and validate the accuracy all in-house. I also log my miles at each fill-up, before starting driving, and after finishing driving. I use this to create an average earnings per mile driven. I also keep an average cost per mile including expenses on gas and maintenence, which is currently close to my earnings due to a recent oil change and vehicle diagnostics.

I am currently profiting only a little, but looking at increased profits over time.

I believe this adventure will continue to be both profitable and fun. And have recently began to do airport pickups and drop-offs. My next post will be about a day of targeting only airport rides from the local John Wayne Airport! Thanks for reading and please ask any questions you may have, it may help me or another reader!

event_note July 10, 2021

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